Main idea:

Tqsema is a football stadium reservation application in the United Arab Emirates. The application provides a unique way to manage reservations and displays an accurate system for organizing reservations dates. It also provides a display of vacant times for each stadium to choose from.

Key Benefits:

Tqsema aims to simplify the process of searching for vacant stadiums for football players and aims to gather football stadiums in the United Arab Emirates in one application and help to organize and manage stadiums through the application and booking appointments.


  • Online payment integration and wallet.
  • Online Booking.
  • Pick and select a location.
  • Push Notification.
  • Phone verification and OTP.
  • Sorting and filtration.

Our Role:

We designed & developed an innovative application from scratch to the end.
  • Search and analytics.
  • UI&UX Design
  • Development
  • Deployment